About Us

PYI.com.au and its director Ewan Watt know that the bigger your online presence is, the more potentially vulnerable your business can be! By combining our wealth of knowledge across global brand protection, search engine optimisation and teaming up with Australia’s leading Intellectual Property Lawyers we are ideally placed to help your business protect your most valuable online assets.

Based in Melbourne Australia PYI.com.au has access to over 20 highly qualified online marketing professionals with more than 10 years combined experience in online brand protection and global domain name strategy. We as a team are committed to helping your business develop and implement robust online branding strategies to ensure your company has the platform required to support future business growth.

Why Now Is The Time?

Whether you are starting a new business or looking to protect something already existing, regardless of what type and size your business may be, your name and its reputation is everything! The sheer size of brand related search activity just goes to show how important a company’s name can be to its overall revenue. Advanced search functionality and access to such a broad base of information anytime anywhere is why customers today use the Internet to make sure they are making the right purchasing decision. Negative publicity and company trade off’s can make or break any business.

Put your trust in PYI.com.au to protect your most valuable business asset!

History of PYI

PYI.com.au was created by Ewan Watt as a specialist online brand protection company as a result of seeing the constant challenges being faced by Australian businesses when implementing search engine marketing campaigns with ROI.com.au.

Issues we Solve

The “no rules” and dynamic nature of the Internet is seeing businesses faced with issues such as:

Prevention is better than cure:

Rather than continue to react to online marketing issues at ROI.com.au, we saw the need to create a suite of online brand protection services which ensures our clients have the online strategy in place to protect their online investment as the value of their online presence grows.