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Domain Name Registration – There’s more to it than you think!

From a technical perspective you only need 1 domain name so your website has an address that people can easily remember to find your business. From a branding and marketing perspective you generally need several domain names in multiple namespaces to ensure your customers will find you i.e. a domain, domain or domain depending on which countries your business operates in. The importance of such a marketing method ensures that other companies cannot register domain names that are similar to yours or register a domain name which represents one of your core products or services.

The cost of domain name registration has recently reduced in price making the process easier and more affordable to register several domain names for the one business. Simply use our search domain name function on the website to view the same domain name with various extensions you may be interested in. We also include free forwarding if needed. Our domain registration service will ensure that your trademark is our first priority when choosing the right Domain Name in Australia for you.

Online Brand Protection – Domain Name Australia

If you operate in Australia and your business name, brand and or products are important, you should register all these names and their common variations in the and .com namespace. Whether your company has or is planning to make a large investment in your online business we recommend registering your most important brand related terms and product service names using the following top level domains, .net, .biz .info, etc.

When you have multiple domain names for your brand you can forward these names to your main website, or create separate websites so your business has multiple listings for your brand and or products in Google. If you have multiple listings in Google the chances of any negative publicity or social media featuring at the top of Google’s search results is minimised through multiple domain registration.

Domain Name Registration to Maximise Website Traffic

Today it is becoming increasingly popular to register domain names to be used as a mini website or second website in order to increase the amount of search engine traffic received by your online business. The team at has a rich source of keyword traffic information to advise your business of the most suitable traffic domain names to use in order to increase your competitive advantage.

Why Register Domain Names with

  1. Advice & Strategy – Implement a domain name strategy which will set your business up for online success.
  2. Competitive Advantage – Some domain names are more valuable than others, we will identify domain names that will not only protect your brands, but also help build the value of your business.
  3. Save time – Don’t have time to wait on hold for 30 minutes for service, access our experienced Account Managers quickly and easily by telephone or email.
  4. Portfolio Management – Easily keep track of your domain names, so that they are renewed on time, constantly monitored and your value online assets remain protected.
  5. Maximise the value of your  domain names – In real estate terms domain names represent a block of land on the online platform. can help you develop your land assets so that the value of your online real estate increases the value of your business. Increasing your chance of selection and overall exposure with multiple domain names will help drive more potential customers to your website.

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