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Finally, the ®: Registered Trademark

Registered Australian trademarks are identified by the R symbol ® and should only be used with registered marks. As a trademark owner, you should foremost use it consistently—avoiding all possible variations.

Not only will consistency make your brand stronger with consumers, but it will avoid confusion in the public eye as a whole. Moreover, it will reinforce your business’ overall uniqueness whether it is a business name, logo, or product name you are marking.

To make sure your trademark is distinguished from all other text in your copy, you can use the following styles:

  1. Make it Bold: Your Brand ® product
  2. ALL CAPS IT: YOUR BRAND ® product
  3. Use quotes: “Your Brand” ® product
  4. Cap the first letter: Your Brand ® product
  5. Italicize it: Your Brand ®product
  6. Mix in the actual word “brand” to say it is a brand: Your Brand ® brand product

There are many more ways to distinguish your brand but as mentioned previously, keep your use consistent every time! Not only will you secure your hold on your trademark but it will truly make your brand concrete. Just ask Kleenex ®and Xerox®, who have, in time, become synonymous, respectively, for tissues and copiers.

Can you ever imagine your company name becoming, through trademark, synonymous with the actual product or service you are delivering like Xerox® and Kleenex®? How important is it to your business to be distinguished like these two world-renowned names? What benefits can you enjoy?

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