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How Social Media Poses a Threat to Your Trademark: Trademark Owners Still Have Options

However, smart and savvy business owners who have availed of the many benefits of Australian trademark registration still have legal options. Under Australian government IP or Intellectual property regulations, trademark owners can still take action against the infringer (also known as enforcement) for trademark infringement since it makes unauthorized use of the legal trademark’s IP, particularly if content on the offending source claims affiliation or to, in fact, be the legal business. Of course, keep in mind that social networks nowadays are global in scale, a blessing for marketing and a challenge for legal reasons. While it might be difficult to indentify unauthorized use of your trademark outside Australia, being aware of how others are using your trademark is your first step to getting back in control.

Are you generally positive about how you can use social media for marketing your business or paranoid about the time and energy being vigilant about your trademark on the numerous social networks?

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