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Impossible Reputation Management Scenarios

Sometimes an online reputation management scenario may be near impossible to complete no matter how much money is spent on it. Some examples of these situations are as follows:

  • Many different high ranking negative search results – If there are a whole heap of them it can be very difficult to displace them all.
  • If there are many negative news results – As news sites tend to be very strong and they are updated regularly these can be also very difficult to displace
  • Deliberate attacks – If someone who knows SEO, has a grudge and optimises the negative sites very well then these can be near impossible to remove
  • Government Sites – Depending on how optimised a negative government listing is will determine how hard they are to remove, but in general they are the most trusted sources in Google’s eyes and can be very very difficult to remove.
  • In some cases where negative listings may be very difficult or impossible to remove there are still some things that you can do to minimise the impact they have. One of which is to just optimise one explanatory page and try to get that to rank 1st.

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