International Trademark Registration

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PYI offers same day application of international trademark registration in the following regions *. Please contact us on 1300 114 219 or via the above form to speak to an expert.

* We cater for the above because they are the most commonly sought after trademarks. If you have more countries you would like to register your trademark for, feel free to contact us on our online enquiry form and we will arrange an appropriate quote.

Why Register an International Trademark?

If you plan on selling your products or services internationally or are selling them internationally then an international trademark will protect your brand name in the region it is registered from imitators trying to profit from your business identity. It will give you the exclusive right to use your business name as a brand and can provide legal protection from others trying to profit from your brand.

Registering not only your business name but also your company logo and product/brand names internationally ensures that all the investments made in developing your market presence remains preserved. Why invest time and money in developing your image so that others can profit from your efforts.

Our International Trademark Service

The trademark service we offer is a complete start to finish service where we handle the whole trademark registration process on your behalf making it very simple. The process is similar in nature for all the international trademarks.

  1. Trademark Lodgment
  2. Trademark Examination
  3. Trademark Registration