Logo Registration

Registering a logo is just as important as your business name

Even though you may have registered your company name people can still advertise on your image. Therefore we ask you this question: is your logo important to your business? Marketing today is visually driven, and an image can be just as important as a business name. People associate the reputation of a company with first impressions therefore often your company logo can play an important part.  The logo registration process at times may be quite daunting as there is quite a few elements which may be critiqued during the examination process. For all you need to know about trademarking a logo speak to our experience team to maximise your chances for acceptance!

Logo Registration

Registered logos give companies instant recognition with buyers and represent an organization’s individuality. Logos for well-known companies can be identified at a glance and have tremendous marketing power. That’s why companies invest big bucks in finding top-notch designs. Simplicity is the key in today’s competitive logo world. Ornate details will tend to get lost on the short attention span of customers.

Our logo trademark service ensures that when you trademark a logo this will not infringe on another business’s property in order to have the best chance that your application will be approved. What we need to take into account with a logo trademark not only relates to the appearance of the image itself but the company name associated to that logo trademark as well. If your business could potentially need multinational recognition in the future we have to keep in mind that Australian logo registration does not constitute logo registration in another country.

We are one business with the same values but our brands define us

International Logo Registration vs. Australian Logo Registration

To trademark a logo overseas the process can be more complicated and more expensive as well. However, as your brand grows in recognition, it is important to consider your strategy and protection in the overseas market. Similar to name trademarks, logos are filed on a per-country basis. Once you have made a decision on the countries of interest, contact our expert trademark consultants to obtain a definitive quote.

Trademarking a logo in Australia will cover you in every state. When we attempt to register a logo in Australia we are not restricted to a specific type of logo therefore if you wish to register an emblem, branding image, label, a type of packaging or business icon all of the latter is possible. Once we register your logo in Australia your company will have a clear and visible connection between your business and the goods and services that you provide right across the country.

Safeguard your image today!

The best way to safeguard your logo is to trademark it. Trademarks protect words, names, symbols, sounds and colours and distinguish one company’s goods and products from another. Trademarking a logo protects it from being used by other similar companies and also protects a company from unknowingly infringing upon an existing logo – this is the best reason to make sure your trademark can be clearly identified.

So, even if you’re starting small and you don’t know where your company will go – or grow consider the future now. After all in 1900 Sidney Meyer and his brother decided to develop a department store in Bendigo Victoria; this is now the largest chain of department stores in Australia with an outlet in every state. Many other companies also began the same way as no one knows where the future will take them. Think from the ground up and start by creating a unique and recognizable logo today!

Austalian  Trademark Registration Process