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Trademark Registration »

Having a registered trademark gives your business the exclusive right in Australia to use your business name as a brand. The number of your competitors is growing each day; therefore you must ensure that your market presence is preserved. Why invest time and money into making your business a success so that other can profit from your efforts? Firstly, we make sure your businesses superior service and quality brand is clearly recognized and differentiated from your counterparts. Secondly we ensure no one has the power to damage your brand, dilute your market share or destroy your reputation.

Logos »

Even if your company name has been registered and your reputation is protected people can still advertise on your business image. Marketing today is often so visually stimulating that an image can be just as important as a business name. We have to keep in mind that often in today’s society people associate the reputation of a company with first impressions therefore often your company logo can play an important part. Logos for well-known companies can be identified at a glance and have tremendous marketing power. So, even if you’re starting small and you don’t know where your company will go – or grow consider the future now and register your logo today.

Domain Name Services »

Today it is becoming increasingly popular to register domain names to be used as a mini website or second website in order to increase the amount of search engine traffic received by your online business. The team at PYI.com.au has a rich source of keyword traffic information to advise your business of the most suitable traffic domain names to use in order to increase your competitive advantage. The importance of such a marketing method ensures that other companies cannot register domain names that are similar to yours and attempt to profit from your brand.