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Austalian Trademark Registration Process

What is the importance of registering a trademark in Australia?

Having a registered trademark gives your business the exclusive right in Australia to use your business name as a brand. Unlike a business name, a registered trademark can provide legal protection from imitators trying to profit from your businesses identity. Registering not only your business name but also your company logo ensures that the investments made in developing your market presence remains preserved. Why invest time and money in developing your image so that others can profit from your efforts?

The greater your online presence the more vulnerable you will be to your competitors. Imagine if your customers confused you with your competitors and associated the high quality products and services you provide with someone else. A great service and memorable brand are only helpful if they are able to lead customers back to you. Protecting a brand is an important and valuable step in building a positive reputation for your business and an image that customers can trust. Therefore we strongly advise you to trademark your business name or trademark your company name today before someone else does.

Whether you are starting a new business or looking to protect something already existing, trademark protection in Australia is the first step in creating your most valuable business asset. Our knowledge and experience makes the process of applying for a trademark as simple and efficient as possible. If you are interested in trademarking a slogan, your business name, a distinctive product or a brand name that you possess; we can help. Start today to ensure no one damages your brand, dilutes your market share or destroys your reputation.

Australian Trademark Application Guidelines:

  1. Trademark registration in Australia is based on a “first to file” basis meaning that if someone else lodges an application before you, chances are you will miss out.
  2. In most cases the right to stop someone using your chosen trademark will only be enforced at the time of trademark registration.
  3. It is therefore very important to get in early to ensure you don’t miss out on your trademark application!

The benefits of an Australian Trademark Registration Service:

Cheap Trademark Registration – No Hidden Costs!

Use our free trademark name search facility, even if you are just curious, in order to check the trademark registry to see if your company name, business name, product name or slogan is still available. Once you have completed you trademark searches and collected results from the registry, examine the trademark cost structure that we have in Australia above. Registering trademarks has finer details and we will manage your trademark registration for a period of seven and a half months.

To register a single basic trademark the total cost is broken up into two payments; the first is $595 to lodge an application and $695 to process the registration and secure it for 10 years. All government fees, administration fee and taxes are included. Full payment is only required once we reach the second stage of the application and we are only able to start the process once the first payment is made.

Our Trademark Services

Most trademark firms strongly recommend undertaking a comprehensive search prior to lodging a trademark application. We offer a simplified effective search free of charge. Our job is to give a view as to whether a particular trademark is available for registration. Having a legal qualified opinion as to whether there are other rights which may reduce your chance of achieving a registration can be important in some situations.

Once the application is lodged, the trademarks office examines the application, looking for potential issues, including whether the description of goods and services is sufficiently clear and in the correct category. If the application is accepted, it’s then advertised for an “opposition period”, allowing others to object to the registration. An average of 95% of applications proceed straight to the register a trademark phase.

After your mark is registered, you’ll receive official confirmation of registration stating you can start using the ® symbol in Australia together with your mark for the relevant goods and services. After ten years the trademark registration service in Australia will need to be renewed once more for future use. We will remind you when your trademark is due so you can focus purely on your business. The trademark service we provide in Australia to register a trademark is a solid trademark protection strategy to ensure maximum security in the online space. Contact us today for more information.

Common Trademark Registration Process Questions:

1. What does an Australian Trademark Service with PYI involve?

All we need to know from the client is whether they would like to register a trademark in their company name (with ACN) or personal name, a short description of what they would like protection for and from what, and lastly general contact and details… We take care of the rest!

2. What may interfere with Trademark Applications?

A trade mark application may require a better distinction of the associated goods and services, evidence of use or other special circumstances, an analysis of the overall impact that this trademark may have on the industry or another form of clarification to ensure conflicting trademark registrations do not occur from an examiner’s perspective. A competing business may object during the opposition period due to a potential unfair monopoly power over their industry, references to specific products or services they currently provide, inappropriate suggestive logos or phrases to their business or due to unfair operational restrictions.

3. How to conduct an Australian Trademark Search?

The most user-friendly and informative search facility for scanning the official government trademark register can be found above. Not only does our system analyse the specific industry you’re looking to trademark in due to the description you provide us with; it also looks at other relevant industries to identify if we may experience any conflicting trademark issues. Despite the result please contact us for more information!

We have direct access to government trademark registration records which can help assure you of the ability to trademark your chosen phrase or image. Otherwise our experienced team can identify the next closest protection strategy and explain to you your options. Trade marking an image is always difficult as there are many factors to consider so please feel free to contact us directly to conduct a detailed image search for your business within minutes.

4. What rights does an Australian Trademark Service Provide?

In the online world you can stop competitors on Google advertising on your trademark or utilising your trademark term in their ad copy. You can control whether businesses can state that they are associated with your business or when claiming they are an authorised representative of your company. In the offline world you can legally request other business to refrain from creating products or services with your trademark, creating other stores or companies with your business name, or developing marketing material such as brochures or magazines using that name or logo.

Lodging a Trademark Application in Australia May Be The Most Important Decision You Make to Ensure The Success of Your Business! …Don’t Wait!


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